The Future is Data Science

5 August 2019
The future depend on Data Science


Abia PyMeet

6th September, 2019 . 12:00 PM

Tech point Inspired

1st June, 2019 . 10:00 AM


24th May, 2019 - 25th May, 2019 . 9:00 AM


CHINA: Police apologises after police robot wrongly accuses innocent woman due to face recognition error

26 November 2018
Dong Mingzhu, president of Chian's biggest air conditioning maker,who had used her image up on a public billboard display screen In Ningbo, a city near Shanghai, with a caption saying she forbidded the rule of crossing the street on a red light.However Ningbo's facial recognition cameras had ac;


Samsung unveils their foldable smartphone today

8th November, 2018

As tech devices continue to tend more and more towards mobility and portability, Samsung has for long been romancing the idea of launching a foldable smartphone. Check out what they came up with.

IBM purchase of Red hat, Open source community smells trouble

2nd November, 2018

IBM is spending $34 billion on Red Hat, it seems, so it can continue to operate exactly as it is today. Red Hat’s roadmaps are still reliable, executives say, and it will continue to be able to partner with other public cloud providers without interference.

It is scam, I am not a bitcoin millionaire - Watson Nyambek

19th November, 2018

“It is a scam, do not believe it!” says Watson Nyambek of the viral Facebook post that claims he is a bitcoin millionaire.

MarioNet attack exploits HTML5 to create botnets

1st March, 2019

Researchers devised a way to exploit a new HTML5 API to infect users through web browsers even if the target closes the infected website or navigates away.

Japan in another level with robot

20th December, 2018

Tokyo cafe set to help disabled people work remotely from there home with the help of robot

Do you connect to public free Wi-Fi? Here are some attacks you are exposing yourself to.

16th November, 2018

A little over three-quarters (77 percent) of workers say they connect to free or public WiFi while traveling. Some 63 percent will use public WiFi to access work emails and files. But many are not aware of the risks.



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