A peek into the amazing world of collaborative robots (cobots)

13 November, 2018 . 322 views

A world of robots. Universal robots hires 20 employees from pioneering firms.

The failure of Boston-based Rethink Robotics last month came as a shock to employees as well as to an industry that seems to be enjoying rapid growth as it was an early mover in cobras over the past 10 years, raising $150 million and 18 million in August 2017,this could have led to the magnificent rise of its counterparts, universal robots.

Universal robots was founded in 2005, following Rethink robotics paths, obtained by Teradyne in 2015. Weeks ago, officials in universal robotic firms gathered at the New York Stock Exchange in celebration of having one of its robotic arms ring the opening bell and for having sold 25,000 cobots for the first time. The universal cobots can handle painting, screwing, and attaching labels, among other tasks. The most significant feature is its relatively simple to run and can be reprogrammed for different jobs in the future business world, adding to the fact that two deals announced this week from Rethink Robotics will allow the pioneering firm's work to live on and it led Denmark universal Robots into hiring 20 Rethink employees, merging them into their own Boston operation.

Hopefully, their new colleagues from Rethink will benefit their customers and partners, with their extensive expertise and of course knowing the market conditions to enable their increase in competition due to the huge market potential for collaborative robots and expect to get enough enough market traction unlike Rethink robots.

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