Mozilla Firefox 65.0.2 Released for Linux, Windows, and macOS

1 March, 2019 . 111 views

Mozilla Firefox has recently received a new update on all supported desktop platforms, as the parent company makes another step towards the next major browser release.

Firefox 65.0.2 is thus available for download on Windows, Linux, and macOS, but the ones getting more love this time are those running Microsoft’s operating system.

While users on all these platforms should install the new Firefox build as soon as possible, version 65.0.2 resolves a geolocation issue on Windows, as per the official changelog.

There are obviously no new features included this time, as Mozilla typically introduces new functionality in major updates, while minor releases are only supposed to resolve bugs and refine the performance of the browser.

The next major version update, which is Firefox 66, is projected to be released to users on March 19.

Next step, Firefox 66

It’s expected to introduce several new features, including support for Microsoft’s very own Windows Hello. Announced back in 2015, Windows Hello is the biometric authentication system that Microsoft offers in Windows 10 on devices featuring compatible hardware.

As a result, users can authenticate by simply having their face or fingerprint scanned. Windows Hello is also available in other apps that support it, such as Microsoft Edge and password managers like Enpass, so logging in and accessing sensitive data is a much more convenient process.

Mozilla would thus add Windows Hello support in the next major update for Firefox, which means users will be able to configure biometric authentication when browsing the web.

Additionally, Firefox 66 will also come with improved extension performance and under-the-hood refinements to reduce memory usage, though it remains to be seen to what degree this would be noticeable by end users.

Many of these changes are already available in the beta versions of Firefox, which you can download using the links above for each platform.

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