CHINA: Police apologises after police robot wrongly accuses innocent woman due to face recognition error

26 November, 2018 . 367 views

Chinese police acknowledged their wrong for humiliating a well-known businesswoman by name Ms Dong, following the facial recognition system designed to find jaywalkers made an error by detecting an advert on the side of a bus for her actual face.

Dong Mingzhu, president of Chian's biggest air conditioning maker,who had used her image up on a public billboard display screen In Ningbo, a city near Shanghai, with a caption saying she forbidded the rule of crossing the street on a red light.However Ningbo's facial recognition cameras had actually only caught an advert featuring her face on the side of a passing bus – a fact quickly spotted by Chinese citizens, who shared pictures of the alert on Weibo, a social network similar to Twitter.
On Wednesday, Ningbo traffic police admitted that the alert had been "immediately deleted afterwards" and that technicians had "completely upgraded the system to reduce the false recognition rate".The incident highlights China's increasing use of automated structures such as facial recognition cameras to catch petty criminals, and during campaign of repression against Muslim citizens in the western province of Xinjiang.
According to reports , the number of surveillance cameras in China is more and can be guessed to upgrade from 170 million to 450 million by 2020.Weiber users took the opportunity of Ningpo's mistake to mock the authorities. "Who is that person clinging onto the bus? Serious warning!" joked one. "It means the system works – it won't let go of any face," said another. Ms Dong company, Gree Electric Appliances,in spite of the incident issued a statement thanking Ningbo's traffic police for their hard work and calling on people to obey traffic rules after her vindication.
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